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Monday, August 17, 2020


Nose + mouth = biohazard
Nose and mouth and biohazard in time of pandemics
biohazard symbol by OpenClipart is a Public Domain pic (source: freesvg); adapted by @sciencemug]
Imagine this.

There are people with a loaded machine gun.

These people know that, in most cases, their machine gun is loaded with blanks, but they're also fully aware that, sometimes, their weapon is loaded with actual bullets.

The only thing these people don't know for sure is whether their machine gun will shoot blanks or actual rounds.

Now imagine that these people, by choice, go around, among other folks, constantly pulling the trigger of such machine gun of theirs (*).

Well, to me, these people are exactly like the ones who, in these days, having the possibility of doing it, by choice don't wear a mask.

(*) Moreover, these people also refuses to wear bulletproof vests even though many projectiles are flying around – some possibly even shot by people quite like ‘em - and they risk from suffering a flesh-wound, to ending up hospitalized (occuping a bed that, because of this, by the way, is no more available for a poor unlucky vest-wearing lad who’s been hit anyway) to being killed.

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