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Friday, September 30, 2016


Today's a sad day: Rosetta mission is over.
Here its very last pic.
Thanks and be well, dear Rosetta, science at its best.
SM & the gang
(Bernard is even weeping)

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy birthday Faraday! (by @sciencemug)
Happy birthday Faraday! (by @sciencemug)
[Faraday's picture is adapted from a Public Domain image by @sciencemug (source: Wikimedia Commons)]

Happy b-day to the son of a blacksmith, the bookbinder, the professor assistant, the scientist who starts working on chemistry but is hooked by electricity since ever, the elected member of the Royal Society, the math illiterate (sic!), the discoverer of the first dynamo (you know, that thingy that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy), the receiver of an honorary degree from the University of Oxford, the recovered sufferer of a mental breakdown, the discoverer of diamagnetism, the life-long giver of Christmas lectures to children, the man:
Micheal "Nothing is too wonderful to be true" Faraday!