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Sunday, October 22, 2017


Heeeeello dear English reading-speaking-thinking visitors! How are you? It's been a while since our last appearance as manifestations of funny and accurate science tales! "Why?" you're asking yourselves (or not, maybe you're just here as the unfortunate consequence of a spasm of your fingers due to the extremely abundant dose of caffeine you drank this morning from a ginseng-coated mug to overcome a massive Friday/Saturday night/s hangover/s)? Weeell, we could say we've been very busy lately, or that we were on the run 'cause a mysterious force that called itself "Gnagnamantus Krosfazt" and looked exactly like a Barbary ape in pink shorts with a questionable taste for vests has been chasing us for months while screaming "I'm gonna catch y'all and bake your virtual asses!" for apparently no reasons but an irrepressible acid reflux induced delirium, oooor that a giant squid broke into our url and ate all the candy so we have been so sad ever since that we couldn't even remotely think to fight our collective lack of brains once again and try to render a science paper into a post/podcast episode...
But it's just that we're lazy.

SM & the gang

Gnagnamantus Krosfazt and the giant squid now are engaged and happily live in a cozy hyper-looped dimension of the third universe on the left of this multiverse of yours (and maybe ours). Just to give you some gossip... Ok, ok, it's not science, but it's something anyway, no? No? No eh?! Right, lame try...