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Sunday, November 8, 2015


PiPs on vid (by @sciencemug)
PiPs on vid (by sciencemug)
the video
(and also here)

Aaand this is what it says (in Eng?ish)

Hi guys! I am PiPs, the first post of my boss, here, sciencemug, the living blog and podcast whose motto is: “sip science & laugh!”. Me, and Bernard, the Camel, Don, WilliamWill Whatever and many other characters, posts, comics and episodes of sciencemug, well, we are full of spirit, comedy, nonsense, and fun, and we are born to share with you clear, accurate, beautiful science stories.

So guys, you are all invited at my boss place, the comfy url, and if you like it, well, please make a donation and help sciencemug to become a real pro in the great world of fun&science communication!

Thank you guys, have a great life! Ciao!