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Wednesday, October 5, 2022



Screaming psychedelic chimp (by @sngshp)
Screaming psychedelic chimp (by @sngshp and @sciencemug)
Chimp img is a free pic by mwangi gatheca (source: unsplash)
adapted by sense_not_given and @sciencemug

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Aaaand, PiPs, this is pixel number one billion one hundred and eighteen million thirty-five thousand five hundred ninety-two, that is the last darn one of this heck of a digital puzzle you won last summer at that raffle organized by that shady group of NFTs that looked like a mix between a hamster suffering from colitis and a space monster with a very bad case of pink eye...

And, I've to say that the fact that this thing portray a giant middle finger tattooed with the word "u gigantic moron", and with in the background a horde of wildly laughing walruses fin-pointing at the viewer, well, you know, somehow vaguely irritates me.

Anyway, dear listener, now that my gang and I are done with the utterly urgent aaaand totally useless things, we can finally go back and tell science stories!

The coming not-so-soon next one is about wounded chimps, insects implemented self-medication, and hints of empathy!



2023/07 Update

Yeah, well dear reader/listener, PiPs here to tell you, see, that quantum stuff happened in copious abundance which cluttered the "time-to-do-this" highway SM was running its wheels onto, so... Yeah, well, sorry, but no way it is able to fulfil the prophecy of the "coming not-so-soon".

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