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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Oh hi my dearest English reading-speaking-thinking-hearing visitor, I've got some news for ya, news that'll make your day/night (according to the hour you get in here) not at all different from what it is at the moment ('cause it's just something about this lousy blog): new posts/podcast's episodes are coming soon!
SM & the gang

If you're into gossip and wanna know something 'bout how things are going between Gnagnamantus Krosfazt and the giant squid, well, I can tell ya that the couple went through some rough times 'cause the squid apparently had a steamy on-line relationship  with a middle aged Australian octopus, and then some nudity leaked on the net from the octopus' phone, Gnagnamantus' friends told to it, big confrontation, a looot of tangerines shed (Gnagnamantus' tears are juicy tangerines, you know, multiverse's a big odd place) then an "incident" with sleep pills occurred to the squid, ER, defibrillation, recovery and final reconciliation.
Now they're seeing twice a week the left Lincoln's nostril on Mount Rushmore National Memorial, which apparently's the present hot stuff when it comes to therapists for couples.
Anyway, fingers crossed, but the worst should be behind 'em now.

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