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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


by sciencemug
by sciencemug

Reasons why the Xmas post part 2 is not ready yet:

- the wormhole near SM's url-house collapsed after it (the wormhole, not SM) ate too much pudding at its X-mas dinner and therefore all SM's connections with the part of the galaxy where its will went on holiday are gone and then it (SM, not the will or the wormhole) was (and still kinda is) screwed
- SM's armpits were terribly irritated by the deodorant it kept using in spite of its own warning and therefore it spent the last two weeks scratching itself
- there's been an electric storm a trolls' rumble a mean virus a servers' strike an invasion of pink grasshoppers a webshake a webquake a riot of nightmares with Lady Gaga wearing a normal dress a massive solar flare and, well, the news...
- PiPs ate it

(I guess that, at this point, it's out of question that you had on your list/you will fulfill a new year's resolution like "Put a couple of [your money] on SM's fund raising campaign", right? Yeah, I can't say you're unfair...) 

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