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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 An (audio) promo - for SM's next podcast - that is as sensible as a pizza topped with pineapples and würstels (yeah yeah, I know it exists and yet, J'ACCUSE!)

The text in Eng?ish

Oooh-oh hallo dear English thinking-speaking-hearing listener, welcome back to me sciencemug the blog that speaks about science, fights for the right of the coconuts to be equipped with working parachutes in order to soften their landings, and that, incidentally, sews your “Charlie Brown-meets-a snail on meths” Halloween costume in that cold dark damp little space under your stairs, and which does all of this in Eng?ish, that is English-question mark, a language that is to proper English what an oxidised and partially shrunken half lime is to an incredible one month all inclusive free holiday in a 7 stars resort of the Caribbeans.

Anyway, I am sciencemug, the blog, but the annoying voice you’re hearing is that of the dumb human I control via a wireless-voodoo trick, aaand this is the promo of my next podcast, the number 5, which will be: or about the spooky global conspiracy behind the dawns and sunsets, or about the unsettling mystery of the eggshells that are constantly found wrapping the egg’s yolks in Nevada and in other glorious states and nations of the free world, or about the horrifying dystopian prediction of a future when people will walk around without constantly staring at their smartphones!
Ooor, maybe my next podcast will deal with a scientific topic.
Who knows!

Take care buddies, I’ll get back to y’all soon!

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