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Sunday, September 8, 2013


PiPs- Hey boss, it's been a while since our last appearence in this place. Are we still alive?
sciencemug- Have we ever been, PiPs? This is the right question, my little web minus habens...
P- But, boss, we have armpits! This must be a solid evidence that we are living things, right?
SM- May be PiPs, may be... Anyway that anatomical detail you just mentioned could be useful in the near future, since the next post will deal about human sweat and chemicals from the armpits. 
P- Right boss, right...
SM- Ah PiPs, by the way...
P- Yes boss?
SM- You should really take a shower of electrons from a website of some soap company in the near future...
P- Ok boss!
P- Boss?
SM- Yes PiPs?
P- What exactly does 'minus habensmeans?
SM- Oh it's a french saying*, it means you're a good guy.
P- Got it, thanks boss!
P- Boss?
SM- Yeah?
P- I don't like French, boss...
SM- Don't worry PiPs, they probably don't like you either...

*It's clearly a joke, of course it's not a french saying. Everybody knows it's a swahili one that means 'cheap post of a dummy blog which -the blog- thinks to be funny but indeed it's only lame'

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