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Friday, April 26, 2013


by sciencemug
26-Apr-1990: Hubble Space Telescope is released into space (by sciencemug)
[The picture is adapted from a Public Domain image by sciencemug (source: Wikimedia Commons)]

H- I can see galaxies which are billions of lightyears far away from here, I can see cosmic fireworks where the sky is pitch black, I can even see tired stars whose breathe is as faint as a shy whisper of light... And yet, after all these years, I'll be damned if I can see why 'Indipendence Day'* was such a huge success.
SM- Me too bro, me too...
PiPs- What?! It's the best movie ever with all those dance-battles between hippos and penguins and the flying elephant which fights the dragons in the sky over London and the weirdo with scissorhands who duels with that guy with those big sideburns and the cigar and the twelve monkeys jumpin' around while the woman in the fountain stalks that italian dude... It's awesome!
You two guys, you just don't get it, that's all...

Seriously though, Hubble's here, and here.

If you speak italian, allora qui potete ascoltare gente che parla del nostro amico telescopio (da 11'40'' a 15'00'').

*Shot in 1996.

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