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Friday, January 11, 2013


graphic that links in a positive way the level of civilization of one country with the prercentage of its populations which uses the bidet on a regular basis
Bidet vs Civilization (by @sciencemug)

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Oooooooh here we are, still sobering up and talking with very polite pink elephants (it's day 11 now), still wondering why someone bought you that odd sweater with Rudolph saying "Who's your daddy?" while riding Santa, still digesting (and partially munching) all the food you bolted down like a damn talking ostrich during the holidays.

Welcome to the blog, today we talk about personal hygiene.

Confused 'cause the beginning of the post led you toward another direction? See? You're not that drunk anymore! You can understand a lack of logic when you see one.

Now, now, let's be serious serious serious and talk about personal hygiene.
Personal hygiene is directly linked to the habitual use of the bidet. This is an absolute truth, like the fact that chocolate is good, Chanel n°5 is inevitable and Mafalda hates the soup.

But apparently the bidet is not appreciated as it deserves to be, and above all it's not considered an essential asset for a decent bathroom in many many countries all over the world (1)... Tz-tz, Mr. and Miss ManyManyCounrtiesAllOverTheWorld, that's really really baaaad...

And please don't give me the: “What's the bidet for? I shower!” Of course you shower my dear. Probably once a day. May be even twice, when you go to the gym for instance. But do you really think I believe for a second that your body is such an efficient machine that you poop only and exactly before you shower? C'mon...

On the other hand one should not be surprised about this lack of consideration toward the bidet since a dude, initials 'A.D.K.', wrote the following unholy words on a paper published on the Canadian Medical Association Journal: "What use is [the bidet]? Very little, although it makes a fine receptacle if somebody gives you a large bunch of gladioli or roses. I have a friend who says he uses it to wash his socks and, if shelves are scanty, it also makes a handy repository for the shaving tackle"(2). You think this piece was written in the XIX century? Nope guys. September 1970.

And apparently little has changed in the last 40 years in many parts of the world...

Anyway, this blog roots for the bidet, oooh yeah. If you don't like it, well, just imagine to ride a motorbike or a horse every time you use it. May be it's more fun like that. And, indeed, 'bidet' meant 'pony' in the French of the early XVIII century, when this fixture was invented (1). They named it like that because you have to ride it in order to properly use it. HiYaa!


1- Basso, L. (2006). In reappraisal of the bidet, nearly half a century later. Dis Colon Rectum 49, 1080-1081; author reply 1081.
2- ADK (1970). The bidet circuit. Can Med Assoc J 103, 449. (PDF here)

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